Even in winter when all in nature seem to be still there is a flow that never stops.  The element of winter is water. Water seems illusive and impenetrable and its force depends on the quantity and quality of its flow.  In winter we need the willpower and determination to survive this dark period so we can move through the winter season to the season of spring: the season of birth and renewal.  Untiring purpose and drive will carry us through this season to see our own future evolve. The Water Element is the flow of uncompromising power and transforms one season into the next.

Allowing who I am to unfold!

Who we are by our essential nature is enough! We are right now in this moment capable of being compassionate and fully present in intimate relationship with ourselves, the world, and the Mystery. We are all we need to be by our nature, that there is no need for self-improvement, that we live our deepest soul’s desires not by intending to change who we are but by intending to be who we are.